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"Healing is wholeness excavation and remembrance"

from my book, Reparations and Wholeness: A Path to Healing Justice 

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Conscious Creative. Embodied Liberation. 


About Danny

Danny is a conscious creative, wellness consultant, community healing advocate, and 5x author, specializing in meditation, yoga, and mind-body wholeness. As a futurist and healing justice reparationist, he envisions and works towards a future that integrates wellness practices for holistic healing and empowerment. Danny is also the creator of Black Boys OM, an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing spaces for Black Boys and Black Men to engage in various mind-body health practices. 

 Black Boys OM, founded in 2018, has grown into a transformative force, facilitating over 2,300 mind-body health spaces and boasting a network of more than 400 trained Black Male Wellness practitioners. Through these spaces, the organization fosters well-being and empowerment within the Black community. Additionally, Danny extends his impactful work to national and international retreat spaces, creating immersive experiences for individuals seeking holistic wellness. 

 In addition to his impactful work with Black Boys OM, Danny is a sought-after speaker and instructor, sharing his expertise in mind-body wholeness through workshops and talks in schools, universities, retreat centers, private celebrity events, and corporate spaces and conferences. With a passion for holistic wellness, Danny creates transformative experiences for individuals and communities alike. 

My Books (Author 6x)


A Healing Journal for Black Men

A Black Masculine Resource for expression, self discovery and evidence based healing practices

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teal book

Reparations and Wholeness : A Path to Healing Justice

Reimagine Reparations through the lens of Healing Justice

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Burnt Orange Book

The Yoga Teachers Guide to AI: A Yogis Perspective on Artificial Intelligence and Teaching Yoga

An honest lookk at the intersection of Yoga Teaching and AI

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I created Black Boys OM because the problem of limited access to mind-body health resources for Black boys and men is widespread and severe, this due to a combination of systemic barriers, such as limited representation of Black Male Wellness practitioners in the field, racial disparities in access to healthcare and wellness resources, and the lack of culturally responsive programs and spaces. These forces contribute to the marginalization and limited opportunities for Black boys and men to engage in mind-body healing practices. The specific problem being addressed is the underrepresentation and limited accessibility of mind-body health modalities for Black boys and men. This lack of representation and access perpetuates disparities in mental health and well-being, while also reinforcing societal narratives that neglect the specific needs and experiences of Black individuals in the realm of holistic healing. We have been fortunate in a short amount of time to grow a network of 400 certified Black Male Wellness practitioners to hold spaces for Black Boys and Men to experience mind-body health, experience, education and practice

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